Customized RO system

Evilim Industriewater BV (Evilim) is a partnership between WML and Evides Industriewater. As a joint venture, Evilim focuses on industrial water projects. If we look at the province of Limburg alone, there is considerable activity in the chemical sector and in the food and paper industries. All of these companies need capable providers of industrial water services.

Evilim explores and delivers

‘Evilim supplies process water, treats waste water, and facilitates the reuse of waste water. We design, build, finance, and manage the water installations in such a manner that clients can operate in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. See it as a kind of lease contract, the kind also used for cars. Evilim can provide solutions to all your water-related problems, from the supply of any type of water to the removal and treatment of used water, including installation work and water-related infrastructure,’ explains Cock Mudde, Manager of Evilim.


Process water

Amongst other roles, Evilim supplies various qualities of process water to its clients in industry in the form of a bulk product or as a customized system that produces water according to client requirements. From softening water to supplying demineralized water, the processes and possibilities are countless. A lower quality of water than drinking water is sufficient for some water processes, leading to considerable reductions in water costs. However, for applications such as steam production, high-quality water is needed in the form of demineralized water.


Treatment of waste water

Evilim has a great deal of experience when it comes to treating industrial and domestic waste water. Evilim can take care of and manage clients' waste water treatment facilities if desired in order to guarantee efficient, safe, and effective business operations for the client. Evilim can take over existing treatment processes and add to existing capacity, or create new capacity. Mushroom growers are an example of this. These companies use a lot of water. This water can be sourced from surface water; alternatively, the company's own waste water can be treated to such an extent that it can be reused. Drinking water is still often used for this at present. The water does need to be microbiologically reliable. This can be achieved through disinfection or ultrafiltration. Ultimately, this brings the client significant cost savings.


Extra service: mobile RO systems

If there is a shortage of demineralized water, for instance due to a fault in an RO installation, or if there is a temporary need for more demineralized water than the client's own RO system can provide, Evilim can offer a solution by providing an additional RO system.
Evilim is a contact point, supplier, and total solution provider, all in one.
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Water cycle
Evilim strives to close the water cycle by means of the reuse of water. This can be achieved by treating waste water in such a way that it can be reused as process water or for other purposes. This treatment means that water can be reused, bringing environmental benefits and reducing costs. Technology and knowhow go hand in hand. The supply of industrial water is always custom work.


Photo: Reclamebureau Magenta