Molenberg business park, Heerlen

Traditionally, the Molenberg business park has been home to a number of Philips companies. At the end of the 1990s, when Philips divested itself of these companies and several separate companies were founded that took over the activities of Philips, the e-Water Group (the forerunner of Evilim) took over the system for producing demineralized water, as well as the infrastructure for distributing drinking water, demineralized water and the sewage system.

Evilim's current clients at the Molenberg business park are Comus Technology B.V., Argus Imaging BV, Veolia and C-Mill, as well as the owner of the business park.

These clients need drinking water and process water, i.e. demineralized water, to produce electronic components for medical equipment, the automotive industry, and for the LED technology used in monitors.

An existing system from the Philips era was used to produce demineralized water. The system consisted of anion/cation ion exchangers and mixed beds. This system converted water into two qualities of demineralized water, both of which could be used as process water. In mid-2011 this system was replaced by an RO and EDI system with a capacity of 10 m3/h. This is a reverse osmosis membrane system with electrodeionization. The old system was outdated and prone to failure. The current system is unmanned and operated remotely using a T-Box. The quality of demineralized water supplied by the system has an electric conductivity of < 0.08 microS/cm.


The contracts with all four clients were renewed with effect from 1 January 2016, which shows that they are extremely satisfied.